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Individualsoftware für Marktforschungsgesellschaft

5. Juni 2013

MANITZ IT implementiert eine Individualsoftware für ein Marktforschungsgesellschaft. Ziel ist die Konzeption und Umsetzung einer webbasierten Softwarelösung für die computergestützte Immobilienbewertung (CIB):

  • The application allows the user to valuate both standard real estate objects (e.g. single-family-houses or condominiums) and complex objects (all kinds of commercial real estate objects)
  • Based on basic data as address and property type, which is transmitted via the web service, the user enters additional data regarding the property and valuation parameters (e. g. value per unit, interest rates). In the end he calculates a market and/or lending value for the property.
  • The main data including several data for the utilizations of the property is sent back to AMG via the web service.
  • The application is organized as follows:
    • Opening new or existing property (not necessary for the user as all relevant data is delivered by the web service)
    • Basic data (“Grunddaten”) with information about the task, property inspection, rights, data of the cadastral register, property and market rating (e. g.)
    • Standard valuation or individual valuation with modules for the relevant property data
    • Valuation methods: capitalized-earnings-method (“Ertragswertverfahren”), comparison method (“Vergleichswertverfahren”) and cost approach (“Sachwertverfahren”)
    • Derivation of the final values for the market and the lending value
    • Print-Overview for choosing the pages/calculations to be printed (as a pdf)